The Complete History of Omega Seamaster Replica's Perpetual Calendars

The modern case measures 37.5mm in diameter. It is complemented by angular, sharp lugs that focus attention on the dial's large width and the relatively thin, sharply raked case. This inspired the Italians to give the 3448 the nickname "Padellone" (or "Frying Pan") Between 1962 and 1981, 500 watches were made. 100 of these were in white gold.Richard Mille Replica Two additional rose-gold watches are also available. There are also two watches made of white gold that Jean-Pierre Hagmann modified with platinum cases long after the model was discontinued. Philippe Stern granted permission to do this in order to fulfill a 1996 special order from a client who was clearly very important. Jean-Claude Biver, a watch industry legend, is the proud owner of one of these platinum 3448s. Phillips sold a platinum watch in 2018 for SFr.1,092,500. A platinum 3448 had been sold by Christie's in 2009 for SFr.783,000. It seems like a great deal considering that white-gold 3448 watches in excellent condition can be purchased for as low as SFr.600,000.

You can further divide the 3448s by their dials into four distinct collections. All three series used grand feu enamel dials with short applied gold baton marks and sword-shaped hands. All featured minute tracks with applied gold pearls.audemars piguet replica We will take a moment to acknowledge how difficult these dials are to create. These stunning white dials must be created with perfect uniformity. They also need to be printed with the date wheels and Omega Seamaster Replica signatures just below the twin apertures. These delicate dials must be pierced in order to accommodate both the applied markers and each pearl for the minute track. The piercing can be clearly seen in the close-up photos of the white 3448 from the second-series that Christie's offered for sale in 2016.

The typography of the date rings, and specifically the size of the numerals used to indicate the date, can distinguish Series 1 through 3. According to Christie's the first-series watches were made between 1962 and 1966.swiss replica watches The watches have enamel dials and a medium-sized print for date rings. To aid visibility, the date rings are generally inverted so that numbers "11" through "23" are visible. The dials are marketed as "Swiss", without any sigma symbol. This is a 1970s initiative of the Association pour la Promotion Industrielle de l'Or (essentially, the Swiss federation of gold) to increase the value of mechanical watches and emphasize the use of solid-gold parts.

From 1965 to 1973, the second series had distinctly smaller and lighter printed numbers in the date rings. These numbers can appear inverted or uninverted. The sigma symbol can be found on either side of the Swiss hallmark (usually post-1970 dials), which refers to the use or gold indexes on it.

The third series, which was produced between 1971 and 1978, is identical but with significantly more numbers than the first two. You can make it inverted or uninverted and add the sigma symbols to your Swiss hallmark.

From 1978 to 1981, the fourth series. These dials can be easily identified because they are not grand feu enamel, but printed modern brass dials. Minute markers no longer have applied pearls, but are small printed hash marks.Omega Seamaster Replica Due to the gold markers, these watches have the sigma symbol. During the life of the 3448, there have been several interesting watches. One of these watches is the 1974 white-gold ref. 3448 appears to have been retrofitted with a factory-original four-digit luminous dial and luminous hand.

The second series, with its subtler and more elegant date ring, is my favorite of the four. It blends well with the minimalist iconography of the 3448. This is a splitting of hairs, as each one of these exquisite masterpieces is stunning. The calibre 27-460Q is used in all watches of the four series.

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